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Quirk Cards


    Tap into the power of creativity for positive transformation

    Our Quirk Cards provide creative and engaging ways to:

    • Develop mindfulness

    • Gain awareness and insight into past experiences, and the thoughts, beliefs and emotions you developed from them

    • Shift perceptions, attitudes and beliefs

    • Express and release negative emotions

    • Cultivate positive thoughts, beliefs, mindset and emotions

    • Envision how you would like yourself and future to be

    Conceived from both personal and professional experience, they are designed to help the user tap into the wisdom of their own creativity and imagination.


    Each pack contains:

    36 uniquely illustrated Activity Cards -
    with step by step instructions

    6 Activity Categories -
    Writing, Craft, Movement,

    Art, Music and Visualisation

    Over 100 activity ideas - helping you to use the cards in the most beneficial way


    Through completing the Quirk Card activities, users will create their own unique and personal:


    Film Posters



    Song Lyrics

    Comic Strips


    Dance Routines


    Visualisations... and much more!

    An ideal resource for individuals personally working on their own mental health and wellbeing, as well as professional practitioners in areas such as education, support work and social care. Perfect for both individual and group use.

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