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At Inner Quirk we have a passion for helping people look within themselves to find and address what holds them back from greater happiness and wellbeing. We do this by devising and providing self reflection and wellbeing activities in creative and engaging formats. 

All advice, information and instruction offered through these activities, on this site and on our social media platforms are based on our own experiences and we make no promises regarding their accuracy, relevance and quality. We are not medical or health practitioners and we do not conduct any medical or psychotherapeutic work or diagnoses, instead we offer ideas and tools to assist people in their own self-help, self-healing and self-growth/empowerment.

Please note that participating in the activities offered can be emotionally and psychologically triggering and all activities undertaken are at the participant’s discretion and risk. As we wish people the best for their wellbeing, we advise all participants to be responsible for their own wellbeing at all times, and to stop an activity if it becomes too distressing. Participants must also assume full responsibility for all of their actions that may result from the use or misuse of these activities.

Inner Quirk assumes no liability for any damages, losses or injuries that may occur as a result of participating in the activities offered.

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