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To champion a creative and imaginative approach to mental health and wellbeing

Our Mission

Helping people to help themselves is the best

kind of help we can give

Self Awareness

Taking ownership of our own mental health

and wellbeing

Our Values

Inner Quirk was first conceived in 2018 in a humble supermarket cafe, on

several pages of scribbled ideas. Many of these ideas were geared toward

creative mental health and wellbeing support, and some even made it all the

way into our Quirk Cards as fully fleshed activities!


In 2019 we started our first website, consisting of a few articles with some of

the ideas from our first list. We realised that there was scope for more than

just a website and at the start of 2020 we officially incorporated as a

company. Much of the 2020 lockdown was spent developing ourselves as a

business and also our first product.

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Our Story

We also hosted Zoom sessions for our family and friends where we all completed some of the activities that we had developed. This proved to be a valuable and meaningful way to socialise together, and helped support us all through those unprecedented times. In May 2021 we self published our debut product, our Quirk Cards activity card deck. 


We’ve been inspired by our time working in education, social care and support work, seeing first hand how creativity can be such a powerful and effective tool for engaging and supporting others with their mental health and wellbeing issues. 


A lot of inspiration has also come from Josh struggling and working on his own mental health and wellbeing.

This was particularly resulting from the sudden and tragic death of both of his parents, and he naturally gravitated towards more creative ways of exploring and working with some deep and painful issues, as well as ways of fostering more positivity. 


We have the deepest respect for everyone with the courage to look within themselves and address what they find. Through plenty of experience we know that this is not always an easy or comfortable thing to do. We hope that our resources can encourage and motivate as many people as possible to take this positive and vital step.


We are a young company, and as we wish for everyone, we wish that we blossom into our best possible version.


Thanks for visiting us!

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