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Creative Resources for 
Mental Health, Wellbeing
and Personal Growth

When it comes to helping people take greater ownership of their mental health and wellbeing, we like to do things creatively! 


Our diverse range of activities harness the users' own imagination and creativity in order to help them:


      Explore a wide range of issues and difficulties

      Gain awareness of thoughts and feelings

      Be creatively expressive in a variety of ways

      Identify and celebrate strengths, talents and                  positive characteristics

      Develop mindfulness and a positive mindset

Inspired by creative therapies, our activities span a variety of formats, including Art, Music and Craft.

We know full well how challenging it can be to address and work on mental health and wellbeing issues, which is why we’ve been inspired to offer an approach that is more engaging, inviting and dare we say it… even fun!

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Quirk Cards

Our debut product, this vibrantly illustrated card deck includes 36 activities across 6 categories:
Ideal for individual, group, personal & professional use.
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Free E-books

A great introduction to what we offer, both e-books feature 10 activities each.

Creative Isolation: Created during the 2020 Lockdown to help people staying at home keep positive and creative.

A Taste of Quirk: Self reflection and positive thinking activities
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Hey there!


We are Josh and Jess, Founders of Inner Quirk and like all of us, we are on our own journey toward greater mental health and wellbeing.

It is through tough, first hand experience that Inner Quirk has come about, surfacing from the dark trenches of a family tragedy that claimed the lives of Josh's parents.

We know that there are no quick fixes, and that it takes a ton of courage and commitment to create real lasting change. With the creative resources we offer, we aim to encourage and facilitate this process.


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Inner Quirk

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